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About Us

Insteading helps people on their journey to live a more positive life—positive for themselves, for their neighbors, and for the world around them.

We’ve been doing that for years through our blog, but we realized that to truly fulfill our purpose, we needed more than a blog. Nobody feels like they belong just because they left a blog comment 😕.

So that’s what we’re doing here.

In the Insteading Community, we bring homesteaders of all types together to grow our skills, to solve challenges from Aphids to Zoning laws, and to build a like-minded community of people so that we can become more resourceful, more resilient, and more positive in our daily lives.

Your community is waiting for you!

We’re not just here to ask questions... we’re here to celebrate your latest projects and grow together, and we hope you will join us!

There’s also a lot of benefits to joining a community outside of places like Facebook Groups...

✅ Privacy is important. Insteading has the easy interface and security of Facebook without the part where they sell your data to the highest bidder. We’re supported by our members and paid content like courses, as well as the advertising on our main website and YouTube Channel.

✅ No ads. No spam. No fake news.

✅ No algorithms. YOU choose what you want to see. Curate your own feed. Follow topics and members who resonate with you the most.

✅ Access to a community of like-minded peers. The Insteading Community includes people of all skills and backgrounds exploring ideas, sharing success stories, and discussing lessons learned. Find members who share your climate. Find members in your region. Find members by topic.

Why join Insteading?

Are you hoping to improve your gardening skills this year? Maybe you’re finally going to buy those chickens you’ve always talked about. Or perhaps you successfully grew some house plants and are hoping to expand to the outdoors come spring. No matter what your skill level or experience may be, you can ask questions and help others succeed through the community here at Insteading.

In the Insteading community you’ll find:

  • 🖥 Ad-free versions of some of our best blog content

  • ⏯ Ad-free versions of our Youtube videos

  • 🐓 Our complete 3-hour video course, The Beginner's Guide to Raising Chickens

  • 🙋‍♀️ Weekly polls & questions to engage with other members of the community

  • 🌟 Q & A’s with other homesteaders, gardeners, & industry experts

  • 🌳 Lots of specific topics and groups to join

  • 🪴 A fun place to engage with others who have the same interests as you

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Right now the Insteading Community is free to join.

In the future we may charge new members a small membership fee to join - but right now we prefer to grow our membership, and all current members will keep free lifetime access.

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